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What do they all have in common? Someone, somewhere, is always being paid less than a person…

5 Steps for Caribbean Retailers to Successfully Export their Clothing.

Based on market research, and successful case studies, it is realistic in 2021 to retail overseas in a global market.

In the recent FashionTT event 2020, held by First Nation* on Facebook, all designers claimed the common limitations:

1. Import

3 Factors Which Cause a Project to Go Sour: 2 Methods to Fix it

You either have shared education or shared discovery about a project, there is no inbetween if you’d like success.

Have you had a project go left? Here are the 3 main causes and 2 best resolutions.

The following are the basic steps to make a high performing e-commerce site with zero fluff.

Start Simple, always.

Pictured is my “Game Plan”. It looks so simple, but it’s worth $44,000 right now.

Start with the website before social media is perfect.

Please follow the below Completed Checklist for your website. A worksheet is after step 3.

Step 1. SHOP .

Is the shop the first thing your buyers see? — Yes.

Shop definition: A plethora of…

Here’s the no fluff way of how I spent $250USD, on ONE ad (pictured) to generate $125,000TTD or $20,000USD in 12 hours.

Real life execution of this:
Ad link:

Proof of success link (4 ays later, they were overwhelmed!):

OK, lets get into it!

The Science of a Valuable ad formula:


John Anderson

@Microsoft doing Business Development and Strategy. President of Hublab. Built and Sold 2 companies @ 5&6 fig profits. 10x founder. Board of Ugurus. S. Engineer

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